Feeling All My Fear

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A gentle, rhyming, picture book to help kids understand and face their fears. Feeling All My Fear teaches kids that they can be brave even if they feel scared.

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8.5 x 8.5″ Hardcover available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. Ebook is available exclusively through Amazon.


Being brave doesn’t mean not being scared!
Kids need to know that it’s okay to feel afraid, but they can do something about it.
Feeling All My Fear validates all types of fears and encourages kids to talk to a trusted adult who can help them through it.
Join a little pig and mouse duo as they discover ways to accept, understand, and overcome the biggest fears!


  • addresses both rational and irrational fears in a validating way
  • with subtle messages that can be interpreted in different ways based on the lens of the child and caregiver
  • mindful of children who have undergone trauma and abuse, encouraging them to speak up
  • empowers kids to take action and find the power inside them to overcome fears

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8.5 x 8.5" Paperback, 8.5 x 8.5" Hardcover, Ebook, Audio Book, Read Aloud Video HD, Personalized Paperback, Personalized EBook, Personalized Audio Book


36 pages, Premium Full Color, Glossy

Reading Age

3 – 5 years


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4.3 ounces/ 122 grams, 21.59 × 21.59 × .21 cm



8 reviews for Feeling All My Fear

  1. The Twin Mommy

    OMG. I loved this! Kids need this to know its ok to be afraid of things, and that they shouldn’t be embarrassed, but instead should speak with someone to help them though it. And I love that she shows common real things kids are scared of, and not things that are meant to be scary like monsters. The illustrations are adorable, too!! I’ll be sharing this with my brothers for their grandchildren to read. Really great book!

  2. Katrina

    I am extremely impressed with its message and delivery!! It’s so relevant. The book focuses on helping kids overcome their fears and emphasizes the message that fears are there, that it’s okay not to be okay, and that they can overcome their fears. The illustrations are bright and engaging, it caught my attention right away. The relatable situations was also helpful, and the rhymes and tone to guide kids towards a better understanding of their emotions and feelings was too. This book is a must-read for and kids parents looking for a resource to help their kids with emotional regulation and self-confidence.

  3. JSV

    A truly engaging and fun read that helps children to not only understand their feelings of fear but to accept and overcome them. The rhythm and rhymes are masterful. I love how the story is further developed through the delightful illustrations. A wonderfully encouraging story. This book will make a valuable addition to every classroom, library and bookshelf. I can’t recommend it enough. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars.

  4. lisa jacovsky

    This book is done beautifully! I love the rhyme and illustrations! It teaches children that being scared is not a negative and gives suggestions for how to talk about it or attempt to move past those fears. It is a great resource for those not scared to learn about how their friends are feeling and how to help them. I loved it!

  5. BookReviews88

    Wish I could give this book ten stars, it’s that good! Validating kid’s (sometimes scary, & overwhelming) emotions and why it’s perfectly normal to have them and how to navigate through them is a mindfulness treasure for every library, school, or home book shelf. The author nails it, pure and simple. Fantastic from cover-to-cover, HIGHLY recommended, and a well-deserved ten stars!

  6. Amanda Louise

    Experiencing fear is a normal part of being human, and it can be comforting to know that others share our fears. As someone who lives far from their family, I often worry about receiving upsetting news from them. I plan to revisit this book whenever I need to ease my anxieties and find solace.

  7. Stephanie Chan

    This book is a great addition to the series Feeling All My Feelings. I especially like the parts of perspective-taking and acceptance. It’s a great starting point to teach young children to understand their fear and how to cope with it. Some helpful strategies are also provided! I would strongly recommend this book to other teachers and parents working with young children!

  8. Lauren Lee

    A book about fear, how to identify it, feel it and embrace it. In a society where we were taught to ignore bad feeling or stuff the bed feelings away, we start to forget that fear is actually a good feeling to have in order to keep us alert and safe!

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