Feeling All My Feelings Book

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Feeling All My Feelings is a gentle rhyming book that helps little kids understand their big feelings. Perfect for introducing emotional regulation to kids ages 3-5 years old.

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Do you have a little kid with a lot of BIG feelings?
Feeling All My Feelings Book reassures them that it’s okay to feel all our feelings. At the same time, there are things we can do to help us calm down when our feelings get TOO big.

Join Kyle and his friend, Tiny the Mouse, as they find ways to accept and overcome the littlest and biggest emotions!

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32 pages, Premium Full Color, Glossy

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3 – 5 years, from customers


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12 reviews for Feeling All My Feelings Book

  1. CameraShyKLH

    As the parent of an autistic young man named Kyle, I absolutely adored this book. It speaks up to the young reader about their emotions while reassuring that the experience of those emotions is perfectly normal. Kyle’s mouse provides a nurturing voice that helps him find coping mechanisms and this is something every parent whose child experiences behavioral anxieties is familiar with. Very well written and easily accessible with gorgeous illustrations.

  2. Carli V

    Great book! My son has adhd and struggles with emotional regulation. This is a great teaching story for kids and opens conversations about emotions and showing them that they have control! I love it! Cute illustrations and very well detailed story that a child can easily understand! Job well done!

  3. Gayle Allsop

    omg! My son needed this book SO much!

    A BRILLIANT book that gently explains emotions and how you have a choice on how to react to them. I cannot wait to share this with my son later. He struggles so much with big emotions and I KNOW this amazing story will resonate deeply with him. Sure to be a favourite we will read together every day! Oh, and the illustrations are amazing too! Highly recommend to ALL parents!

  4. Teach101

    Much needed book for my class library. I have children that have a hard time expressing themselves and this definitely came in handy. We all have feelings and emotions and find it hard to deal with sometimes. This book will definitely give children a new look at feelings and emotions. My class took turns expressing the different feelings in the book and they really enjoyed expressing the various feelings. It also helped me regulate one of my kids. We now have a key word for the week “SUPER POWERS” LOVED IT!!

  5. Jarred Stanton

    This book was awesome and well needed today!! Even adults don’t know how to deal with what they feel, it’s great seeing it broken down for the kiddos!

  6. Love Reading

    I enjoyed this children’s book. The author did a great job of rhyming the words, seamlessly and without sounding forced. The illustrations were well-done, beautiful, and colorful.

  7. Sher

    Such a sweet book! Opens up conversations about emotions in a sweet, relatable way that kids will love, along with the adorable illustrations!

  8. sw

    What a perfect book to identify and work through all of those BIG feels we all feel. I read this with my 3 small children and they loved it. It is a great tool to use during melt downs or moments of being scared. My kids loved getting to “choose” how they react with their big feelings! This books is a great tool for any parent!


    This is the second book by the author that I am reading in the “Feeling All My Feelings” series, and I enjoyed this one even better than the first. In an imaginative, fun, and detailed manner, the author examines and acknowledges as valid the range of emotions that a child (and adult) may experience. The book ends with solid advice to help us control our “negative” emotions.

  10. Melissa

    Feeling All My Feelings is a beautifully written and illustrated book! The rhyming aspect made it fun and engaging to read with my little ones, while sharing a very important message about acknowledging and managing big feelings. As a special education teacher, I would definitely read this with my class and use it to further extend the conversation to finding positive ways to deal with big feelings. I highly recommend for parents and teachers alike!

  11. Viki

    Missing the train is one of the biggest challenges when trying to teach kiddos to cope with their emotions. This is a fantastic book to read as early as possible, and then for a few more years and until it’s internalized. All Kim’s books in this series are fantastic for emotion coaching your kids. Big recommendation!

  12. Katherine Bartlett

    Such a beautiful way for kids to learn complicated emotions. The entire series is wonderful for little kids

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