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Our books about big feelings teach kids how to understand, accept, and overcome the most difficult emotions. 

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Reviews for our Big Feelings Books for Kids

Feeling All My Feelings Book: Love this! Read it to my toddler and she absolutely loved it! Kept asking me for more. Definitely one to keep on the shelf
Feeling All My Feelings Book: Spot on I loved this book it's super relatable even for adults. It's a good teaching tool as well for moms and dads who don't know how to teach they're children about they're feelings and how to process them
Luisa Tabares
Luisa Tabares
Feeling All My Feelings Book: good reading A lovely story about feeling and how to handle those feelings in different situations. A good bed time story for kids
Richard Bankhead
Richard Bankhead
Feeling All My Feelings Book: very helpful Our six year old was very interested in what he learned about feelings from this book. He liked reading it.
Katherine Bartlett
Katherine Bartlett
Feeling All My Feelings Book: Beautiful way for kids to learn their emotions Such a beautiful way for kids to learn complicated emotions. The entire series is wonderful for little kids
Angela Wolf
Angela Wolf
Feeling All My Feelings Book: Great for explaining to kids This book helps kids see the difference in how they feel & how to explain it to adults.Very good for helping adults who forget kids aren't adults who can express how they feel!
Feeling All My Feelings Book: such an important book to read as early as possible Missing the train is one of the biggest challenges when trying to teach kiddos to cope with their emotions. This is a fantastic book to read as early as possible, and then for a few more years and until it’s internalized. All Kim’s books in this series are fantastic for emotion coaching your kids. Big recommendation!

Great for bonding with kids!

Our youngest child has difficulty processing emotions and the first night we read this to him, he showed interest right away and immediately felt better after learning that a lot of other kids are going through the same thing.

Hopefully they don’t get too bored with this book as its been on repeat every night!

Geovy, Dad of Three

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Wow! This is so amazing.

My heart feels so full knowing that there’s a book that understands what children go through. I appreciate how it incorporates the superpower and emphasizes that they can choose what to do. I also like how the author mentions that it’s meant for parents to read with their child. This would be a nice book to discuss in class, and I’m excited to read future books in the series!

Ly Solomon, K-1 Guidance Counselor

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My 2 and 4-year-old loved it!

Finally, a book my 4 year old could really relate to! By the end of the book, he felt that Kyle and his BIG feelings was him! We spent so long on each page and were able to go through moments he also felt angry or sad or scared. It’s such a lovely book for discussions and the illustrations are lovely!

Truly, truly love this book!

Jenica, Mom of Three Kids

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Best Picture Books for Kids About Feelings and Emotions
Kyle the Monkey
picture books that help kids deal with feelings like anger
Max the Lion
picture books that help kids deal with feelings like fear
Kenzo the Puppy
picture books that help kids deal with feelings like shyness
Kimi the Giraffe
picture books that help kids deal with feelings like sadness
Georgie Bear
picture books that help kids deal with feelings of grief and loss
Tiny the Mouse

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About the Author

Hi! So happy to see you here. Aside from writing children’s books and running a business, most of my energy goes towards raising a sweet, silly, and strong-willed little boy named Kyle. I started writing when he was just 3 years old, and he now helps me write all of my books!

When my dad passed away in 2019, I left my corporate job to focus on Kyle who was struggling a lot with big feelings (especially anger). I also found the courage to seize the day and write my first book. I wanted Kyle to understand that, while all feelings are okay, we can’t let them take over us.

“Feeling All My Feelings Book” helps Kyle calm down when he’s upset, and has led us to discuss difficult feelings together. We hope our books can help you, too.

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