One of the best Feelings Picture Books!

Feeling All My Feelings Book will help you talk to kids about their feelings in a healthy way, by encouraging acceptance and self-empowerment.



Feeling All My Feelings Book

It’s okay to feel all our feelings, because these feelings are normal and real. At the same time, there are things we can do to help us calm down when our feelings get TOO big.

“Your mind is your super power- YOU hold the key! You can feel more than one feeling- just try it and see!”

If you know a child, or have one, who is struggling to cope with powerful emotions, our book can help them. Parents, teachers, and professionals say this is one of the best feelings picture books they have read!


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Feelings Picture Books

Feeling All My Anger Book- NEW!

It’s important for everyone to remember that ALL feelings are okay.
There’s a reason for every feeling, including anger. Instead of hiding it, we should try to understand WHY we feel that way and find healthy ways to release it. Otherwise, our anger might explode!

Join Max the Lion as he tries to find ways to understand, accept, and overcome his anger.


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angry little lion

Great for bonding with your kids!!

Our youngest child has difficulty processing emotions and the first night we read this to him, he showed interest right away and immediately felt better after learning that a lot of other kids are going through the same thing. Hopefully they don’t get too bored with this book as its been on repeat every night!

Geovy, Father of Two Kids

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Wow! This is so amazing.

My heart feels so full knowing that there’s a book that understands what children go through. I appreciate how it incorporates the superpower and emphasizes that they can choose what to do. I also like how the author mentions that it’s meant for parents to read with their child. This would be a nice book to discuss in class, and I’m excited to read future books in the series!

Ly Solomon, Kinder and Grade 1 Guidance Counselor


My 2 and 4 year old loved it!!!!

Finally, a book my 4 year old could really relate to! By the end of the book, he felt that Kyle and his BIG feelings was him! We spent so long on each page and were able to go through moments he also felt angry or sad or scared. It’s such a lovely book for discussions and the illustrations are lovely! Truly, truly love this book!

Jenica, Mom of Three Kids

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Feelings Picture Books: more coming soon!

Click the photos below to meet our characters and learn about their upcoming stories.

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Kimi the Giraffe
picture books that help kids deal with feelings like sadness
Georgie Bear
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Tiny the Mouse

Want to learn tips and strategies for managing big feelings? Click below to receive a free guide about our tried and tested ways of helping kids calm down, as well as an activity sheet that can help you discuss big feelings with your child. Or visit our blog to read about our raw and real experiences with Kyle.

About the Author

Kim is a first-time author, and a mom to a sweet, silly, and strong-willed five year old boy named Kyle.

After her father passed away two years ago, she decided to stay home to focus on Kyle. He was struggling a lot with big feelings, especially anger. She wrote her first book to help him understand that all these feelings are okay, but that at the same time, we can’t let them take over us.

“Feeling All My Feelings Book” has helped calm down her son countless of times, and has helped them discuss difficult feelings together. It is the first book in a series that will explore themes like anger, fear, anxiety, shyness, sadness, and grief. We tackle reasons why these difficult emotions are an important part of our lives, and how we can use them to do good things. We will also celebrate positive emotions like happiness, silliness, pride, awe, and gratitude. More importantly, we want to let kids realize how these feelings can help us spread positivity to others, and inspire us to fight for things that really matter.

Our books encourage awareness and acceptance of the reality that not everyone is built the same way. We all respond differently to life’s surprises and challenges, and that’s perfectly okay! We hope that our books will open up meaningful discussions between you and your children for many years to come.

In our blog, we discuss raw and real parenting experiences- proud moments of strength, but also the moments of weakness that help us grow. We also talk about our advocacies– things we believe that parents need to teach their kids, even at an early age.

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