Feeling All My Anger

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8.5 x 8.5″ paperback


Does your child have tantrums? Everyone feels angry sometimes.
It can be a difficult emotion for both kids and adults, especially when it gets out of control!

BUT we should remember there’s a reason for every feeling, including anger.
Lets try to understand WHY we feel that way, and find healthy ways to release it. Otherwise, our little spot of anger might explode!

Discover how you and your child can accept and overcome the biggest feelings.
When you finish this book, please let us know how we’ve helped you!

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6 reviews for Feeling All My Anger

  1. Mommytohim

    Love this so much! Such a cute book that explains anger and emotions in such a simple way to our kiddos. As a mom to a boy with bigger than big feelings this book was everything we look for in a good read! I love the rhyming nature, it grasped and kept his attention and the illustrations were wonderful.

  2. Lover of Books

    “I am stronger than my anger!” I LOVE LOVE LOVE that line from the book! This was a fantastic rhyming book about anger. I read it with my almost 3 year old and he didn’t move the entire time. We loved the illustrations, calming tips, and how the words popped off the page. Great social and emotional learning book focusing on self-awareness and regulating emotions! Great job to the author and illustrator!👏🏾👏🏾

  3. Donald H

    I am glad that I stumbled upon this book. My little one has tantrums from time to time as I had when I was a child. Prior to reading this book, I must admit that I was guilty of letting her negative emotions get the best of me which only caused a spiral effect making her more upset and making me feel more guilty for not being able to help her. Thanks to this book’s rhyming approach, she now has a better understanding of those emotions and is now able to manage and limit her tantrums which also helps to make me feel that I am a successful parent.

  4. K.T. Munson

    It had a lot of great examples of how to deal with anger. The illustrations were charming and the rhyming creative. Kids for sure feel everything and it’s all at the surface. The only part about the road and the big explode was a little wordy when reading outload to my little one – but still a great read overall.


    4.5 stars (rounded up)

    I hope the author does more – because these send a great message to parents and kids.

  5. BusyMom

    This is a fun rhyming book to help young kids understand what anger is, how they behave when they are angry, how it impacts others, and ways they can manage this big feeling. It also lets kids know there nothing wrong with having the feeling; it’s how they handle it is what is important. Love the bright colorful pages and the bright orange lion!

  6. Jennifer N.

    I enjoyed reading this story. The rhymes and the illustrations explain what happens when a child, or anybody, gets angry, what anger can do, and how to tame anger. A great resource for self-regulation. This is a book that I would read often to myself and children.

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