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Find Your Why

Find your WHY

Find your Why:

What inspires you to work hard at what you do? For us, it is our many hopes: that kids will read our books and find comfort in knowing that other kids feel the same way as them. That parents will learn to embrace the big feelings that come with raising children, and encourage kids to express these in a healthy way. That more kids will grow up to be emotionally regulated adults and help make this world a better place.

And if somewhere out there, a struggling adult can also find comfort while reading our book, then that would be amazing.

We hope that you can find meaning behind your work. Whether the work itself is meaningful, or if it is simply a means to an end to support yourself and your family, or if you are at home raising your kids- all those have meaning. At times when it gets hard to get through another week, we hope you will continue to find your why. And that you will find it reason enough to keep moving forward.

If our stories and messages have touched you in any way, we would love to hear about it! And please help us share our message of acceptance and empowerment to more people who may need it.

Stay safe!


Find your why