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About the Author Kim T. S. Feeling All My Feelings Book

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When my son, Kyle, was 3-5 years old, he struggled with big feelings— especially anger. The smallest things would result in massive outbursts, and I was desperate to find ways to help him. When I wrote these feelings books, he would ask to read them whenever he had a tantrum. Once calm, we’d talk about what happened and think of how we both could do better next time.

It has been a gentle, collaborative, frustrating, and imperfect journey for us. But I’ve seen how much he’s grown, and how much our efforts have helped develop his emotional intelligence. We’ve learned so much from this journey, and hope to share them with you. These books are my love letter to you and your kids, or anyone who may be struggling with big feelings. 

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Author Kim T. S. Feeling All My Feelings Book

“There’s a kid inside all of us, and the best thing you can do for your child is to see the world through their eyes.”

Kim T. S., Children’s Book Author


A Little More About Us

I started my career as a Management Consultant for a consulting firm based in New York. This led me to work in wonderful places like NYC and Hawaii, but the Philippines is and always will be my home. 

I then co-founded a business which closed down after 8 years, but it was a great success because of all the lives we changed for the better. I also worked in the telco industry where I learned about how the internet really works!

After my dad passed away in 2019, I decided to stay home to focus on raising my son, Kyle, who was 3 years old and struggling with anger. I started writing to help him understand that, while all feelings are okay, we can’t let them take over us.

While I don’t have formal training in psychology, I’ve studied and researched deeply about emotional regulation, parenting, and self-help, because these are things I have personally struggled with as well. It is my passion to continue learning how to give the best to my child, and to share what we’ve learned with you. We hope you’ll join us on our journey as we continue to overcome the biggest feelings together.

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